Helping to keep the mud out!

November 17, 2009

A trimmed collie foot

The finished foot!

Pie had a trim today, he is of the age (3) when he is getting extra hairy feet! Some breeds get hairier all over but the feet are the part that brings the mud and water in from outside in the winter!

I really should have taken a before picture so that you could witness the transformation, but I can show you a trimmed foot!

Last winter I only had to do his feet once and they kept neat, this is already his second trim! He didn’t mind too much, though his feet are a bit ticklish which makes him twitch from time to time, I use blunt ended scissors to ensure I don’t stab him!


One Response to “Helping to keep the mud out!”

  1. Akshay Says:

    Read the article up a lot of kneolwdge , There are many posts have not seen the kneolwdge and pictures ,Will always pay attention to your posts . Thanks for sharing.

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