A very merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009

A very merry Christmas to all my blog visitors and a happy new year!

My dog Pie has loved the snow, he eats it, runs around foolishly and generally asks to go out twice as often as usual! He has a big Collie Coat so the cold weather really energises him, and as he is the laziest Border Collie I have ever lived with it is good to see him so full of go!

Happy Christmas!



2 Responses to “A very merry Christmas!”

  1. Vicky Says:

    Happy New year to you Avril !
    Have a problem to pose for you,a bulldog now 7 years old has been with his current owners since 8 weeks old,he adores all the family except the 18 year old son whom is being increasingly challenging to,he is safe with everyone else including visitors but is becoming more and more daring.They have tried increasing his contact for pleaant times feeding etc , but I get the impression the Boy doesnt like him.They say that they will not get rid of the dog as the son goes to uni soon but need a plan to follow in the meantime ,any comments from anyone or of course yourself would be much appreciated

    • Avril Munson Says:

      Hi Vicky, it would be interesting to know what form the challenges take to the son? And I am assuming the dog is entire?

      Is the dog challenging the boy or the boy challenging the dog? It is unlikely the dog is seeking out the challenge, though possible, but a challenge can only be a challenge if it is met with a counter challenge, otherwise there would be little in this behaviour for the dog.

      I will wait on your response before I say any more, as I think that will shed more light on this behaviour.

      thank you for posing a very interesting question!

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