Are you for or against the new permanent dog agility site at Thorley Park near Bishop Stortford?

August 3, 2010

I recently visited the new dog equipment in Thorley Park and witnessed the very thing I was afraid of, an obese Goldie being asked again and again to go over the “A” frame, the dog was too heavy and out of condition for these antics, but obviously good spirited and obliging so not refusing to go over, I suspect he was at the Vet’s before the week was out with lameness! Have you had a look? You can find more details on the Daily Mail’s site and the Telegraph, just put dog agility in the search box on there home page. Let me know your thoughts with the Poll below please? Yes = in favour No= against


2 Responses to “Are you for or against the new permanent dog agility site at Thorley Park near Bishop Stortford?”

  1. Maggie Auld Says:

    Hi Avril

    As a Dog trainer and Behaviorist, I had to reply. What on earth are the council thinking in putting up the Agility equipment in the park for anyone unsupervised to use. “ARE THEY TOTALLY MAD” or “JUST STUPID”

    I teach Agility and I went on a 4 day course so I could teach people and dogs how to use the equipment safely and which dogs are suitable for Agility as anyone with any brains will tell you “NOT” all dogs are suitable for this sport.

    Do the council think by putting up a sign saying that dogs must be 18 months old and fit will stop someone from taking them to court when a dog or it’s owner hurts themselves, I don’t think so.

    I am sure they have sign’s in the park telling people they must pick up their dogs poo and even have poo bins in the park, but you will always get people who ignore this.

    If dog owners want to do Agility with their dogs then please leave it to the professionals so we can keep the dogs and owners safe,after all this is what we do for a living.

    One last comment to the person who thought this crazy idea up and to the people who passed it, I think it’s about time you changed your job.


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