Some great photo’s

October 29, 2010


JJ is so cool!

This is Fiona and Winnie on the left


I love this photo of JJ, he is a great dog, his personality is as big as him! Graham his owner is making a great job of training him, along with help from Mum, Val!

Fiona was a pupil of my instructor and behaviour courses who has gone on the run her own dog training business! Her little dog Winnie is a half-sister of Betty by my Teddy. Winnie is a super star at agility, as you can see from her trophy!!!


4 Responses to “Some great photo’s”

  1. Sue Says:

    Is JJ a staffie?

  2. Avril Munson Says:

    Yes a big one:) bigger than he looks here! You would love him!

  3. Avril Munson Says:

    now there’s a thought! 🙂 I was just thinking this morning that I want to come up with some new training themes and you give me one! Thank you!

    Anyone else got an idea? 🙂

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