Thursday morning!

November 19, 2010

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Thursday mornings are a fun time with 5 gorgeous dogs and the owners are quite nice too!

Louis the Pomeranian doesn’t seem to be able to sit for the photo, but I forgive him as he is just so cute! Debbie his owner has lived with a “Pom” before, and though a small breed they are just so bright and clever, Louis has a character that is much larger than his size”

Leo the Jack Russell cross is the liver coloured member of the group with his counterpart Sid the black Jack Russell cross Chris and Marion have many shared experiences of living with their dogs, but both are much more on track now!

Scruffs the Labradoodle you have seen before on the blog, Phil his owner is doing a great job of his training, and though only 6 months old is the advanced puppy in the group!

Naomi and Nelly the chestnut Labrador are the newest recruits to dog training, Naomi comes from a Gundog family, though this is her first time dog training! Naomi and I plan to surprise her family by doing great things with Nelly!

They are a hardy group, not afraid of a bit of bad weather, fortunately as we have had howling wind and heavy rain on our first two weeks!


6 Responses to “Thursday morning!”

  1. Phil Says:

    Well done on remembering all the names 🙂

    I was grateful for training last night. Scruffs’ lead came off as we were walking along a busy road with a narrow pavement. I think the spring in the catch had stuck and not closed properly. Going to be a miracle if he makes it to his first birthday at this rate!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Big personality!! I wish I understood barks…a bit like a baby crying when you’ve done everything and they still cry! Lewis is certainly testing the boundaries!!

  3. Marian Says:

    Hows your puppy Betty developing.No updates for awhile now. Curious to how she is.Happy christmas to you all..We enjoy reading your blog.

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