Update on Avril’s drama’s, Betty and some of the new puppy’s at class!

January 27, 2011

I have sadly neglected the blog over the last 2 weeks, I have been busy at work but outside of work I have been creating a few little drama’s that have kept me really busy!! I usually keep this to dog training but I feel like sharing today:)

First I crashed my car, I know that no one hits anything in a car on purpose but I was totally stupid! I was in a car park at night, there were some boys playing football and in truth  I was looking at them rather than where I was going, concerned that the ball may come my way and with it one of the children, bang I hit the lamp-post, I wasn’t going more than 10/15 miles an hour and you should have seen my poor car:( not good!

Since the holidays I have had 3 colds on the trot, yes 3 just as I was getting over one the next one started! I feel very uncomfortable in my work constantly blowing my nose, and yet that seems to be most of what has been happening since Christmas!

And just to add insult to injury when eating my tea, that I had cooked including the filleted salmon, I got a bone stuck in my throat! I have been eating fish for years and never have I had that happen before, but it was well and truly stuck! I won’t go into details but needless to say I did try to remove the bone! The next morning I was still suffering and rang the nurse, who recommended going to A and E, so off I went. 4 hours later, having had a camera down my throat, the bone was still hiding and I came home! I feel like my year so far has been a comedy of errors! Roll on February:)

In between my personal drama I noticed that spring is on the way and spring makes me smile :), there is a change in the air, the sap is rising, the birds are singing and the ducks are pairing up on the lake. I so love my home, the countryside gives me a constant source of entertainment, yesterday a Fox ran passed as I was getting dressed, a big red chap with black tips to his fur. I ran to another window but couldn’t see him, returned to dressing as he returned along his first path, hot on a scent and he spent a few minutes checking out the possibilities, giving me lots of time to watch him:)

This morning as  I crossed the front paddock a Monk Jac deer shot out and ran along the fence, looking for an opening gave me precious moments to study her and to recall Pie and Betty, I was so pleased that Betty responded to me:)

It is very important to me that my dogs do not chase or harass the wild life. At this time of year coming into spring the deer could be pregnant, I would not want my dogs to cause her to abort. It is all too easy to forget that wildlife reproduce and if dogs chase them, there off spring is put in danger. I am not sure how anyone can let a dog think it is okay to chase deer and yet leave sheep alone, and I don’t recommend trying that one.

I am glad to hear some of the puppies at class are also managing to recall and not chase, keep it up!!!

And here are some of the new Puppy’s attending classes!!

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8 Responses to “Update on Avril’s drama’s, Betty and some of the new puppy’s at class!”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hi Avril
    Thought my recall was going really well till Nessa managed to escape from the garden and went off to see the two Labs down the road. They were shut in a run and I managed to cloe the gate to thier garden so she couldnt get out and then waited patiently (not!!!) for her to run out of steam and come and sit in front of me. She knew I was mad and walked beautifully at heel back home (best ever).Took about half an hour to get her I was cold very angry and caught my trousers on a barbed wire fence and think it was probably best i was going to work as it gave me time to cool off. Think maybe a Recall morning in order very soon but cant do the Saturday one 🙂

    • Avril Munson Says:

      oh dear Nessa, naughty girl! I will get a date out to you before the end of the week Sue!

      • Sue Says:

        Might have to hold off on that for a while Avril, was trying to round up an escaped chicken and Nessa thought she’d give me a hand, as I went to grab her collar I got my finger caught. Result, two fractures and can’t drive for at least two weeks also very painfull
        😦 as you can imagine she is not in my good books at the moment !!!

      • Avril Munson Says:

        oh Sue so sorry to hear that!!! how are your fingers doing now?

  2. Janice Says:

    Sorry to read about poorly you and poorly car. It is a bit of a cliché but hope for you that things can only get better! Enjoyed your stint on Radio Essex again. Was really interested in your advise about carrying the puppy that was frightened of traffic. I understand the logic behind your advice. That’s the first time I have heard or read about it being ok to pick up a puppy but depending upon the circumstances. Another cliché – dog psychology, behaviour and training is a life-long learning curve!

  3. Phil Says:

    Bad luck Sue. Same here – just when thought recall was getting good even around other dogs Sunday and today he ran off after another dog off lead and wouldn’t come back. Today ended up getting nipped by a bigger dog after jumping up at him. Also disappeared in the fields at the back of the house for an hour on Saturday. Had a hard time being nice and not angry when he decided to come back. Never a dull moment.

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