Buffy produces again!

May 5, 2011

Many of you will remember the sad news of my dear friend Annie losing her puppy last year, well Annie’s Border Collie Buffy (sister of my Pie) has produced a second long-awaited litter and has again presented Annie with one girl in the litter 🙂 ! It saves Annie having to make a decision! I don’t think Annie has named her yet, but you can spot her as the puppy furthest left in the basket photo, with the half white face!

I think there are one or two boy puppies left for sale if you should know of a good home?

So Annie what is her name? Would you like some suggestions?


One Response to “Buffy produces again!”

  1. annie Says:

    yes thats a good idea !! have some names in mind but anybody got any ideas please ? there are lovely pups and Buffy such a good mum

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