What else can we blame Disney for?

August 8, 2011

Wouldn’t it be great if our dogs could talk english, be the sort of characters that appear in the Disney films? 🙂 I know these stories influenced me as a child! I also remember the day I became disillusioned by my dog when I was about 20, it was a horrible shock to realise my dear little dog had not only killed but eaten one of my cats new-born kittens! That doesn’t happen in Disney films nor in the romantic world I had created for my pets. The experience did not stop me from idealizing my dogs completely, but now I have a more realistic view, shaped by even more life

Tallulah (Shar pei)

experience of reality.

The problem is not the Disney films, it is when we forget to remember that our dogs are real life animals.

When we leave  the dog to decide, yes they do that in Disney movies, and guess what, the dog makes the best decision ever! What happens in real life if we leave it to the dog to decide:

  • where and when we walk?
  • when we feed?
  • when we stroke?
  • where they sleep?

we make the dog leader! And what do we get when the dog is in charge?

I await your answers on that:)?

The reality is though that most dogs do not want to be leader, they may want to be a Prefect, even head girl or boy but few are born to be headmaster/mistress and they really do not want that job! which is why dogs that are given too many choices are not happy!

Disney dogs are happy, at least they are by the end of the film, and live happy ever after too!

In real life we must be clear and make the important decisions for our dogs, to ensure our dogs live happy ever after lives!


4 Responses to “What else can we blame Disney for?”

  1. bonesdiary Says:

    Hi, I’m Bones, a Border Terrier. I’m nearly six months old and I’m easily the coolest dog in my street. I love your blog. I just wanted to say, I like to let my dad think he’s in charge and will do as I’m told, but I’m just lulling him into a false sense of security; one day the furniture will be destroyed…….
    P.S. Check out my blog at http://bonesdiary.wordpress.com/ come and see how the bad dogs kick it!

  2. Sue Harris Says:

    Big Trouble with a capital T :)) ???

  3. Marion Says:

    What do we get when we let the dog decide? I got bitten……four times !! My dog was allowed to get miles too big for his paws by all of us in the family because we thought he was cute and felt sorry for him as he’d had a bad start in life. HE’S A DOG, not a child and certainly not a cartoon character. We still make mistakes with him because keeping on top of his dominance is hard work, but the alternative i’m afraid is the big dogs home in the sky!!!!!!

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