Little and large! His or hers?

October 27, 2011

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Roxy and Diesel are in the Tuesday evening class together and it is definitely love! Diesel is rescued GSD who came to classes originally because he had some aggression issues with other dogs! You wouldn’t know it now! Don’t you just love how he is getting as small as he can to get on Roxy’s level?

Listen out for me on BBC Essex next Thursday 3rd November 2.15pm to 4pm, if you miss it you can listen in for the following 7 days on the iplayer

I was discussing at class the other week with Fiona and Sue (Thursday morning group) about their different expectations they have on their boy and girl dogs, both Sue and Fiona have one of each. They both reported they were always delighted with their boy dogs and quite the reverse with their girls, and yet from the outside both these little girls are trying their very best to please a great deal of the time! Interestingly Sue and Fiona reported their husbands were much softer on the girl dogs and more demanding on the boys in the home!

I know that this can be the case with children, that is Mothers are more critical of daughters and vice versa, whereas Dad’s give the girls an easier time and are more demanding of the boys. Has anyone else got a view on this? I can’t say I have really thought about this before, I am watching myself now with Pie and Betty, I will report back!


3 Responses to “Little and large! His or hers?”

  1. Sue webster Says:

    Have just read the piece about Fiona and I and the way we seem to expect more of our girl dogs and it has really made me question myself and I will try and recognise when I am expecting too much of MIllie – she was a little star today!! although I wish she would do all the things in class that she does at home so well! but I know that the different surroundings will make it harder for her – all the same I am so pleased with her today.

  2. Sue webster Says:

    Yes I have now.

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