Dennis is not the new Toto! :(

April 26, 2010

The whole litter!

A little girl puppy from Gracie's current litter

A sister of the now famous Dennis (Toto wannabe)

Cassie (Sister of Dennis

Gracie pups at 4 weeks! It'A boy puppy

Another girl!

Another girl!

But he did make it to the last 10 out of 1000 applicants!! A major achievement for any dog, and he and Maggie looked great on the results show last Sunday night! A big congratulations to them both on a great performance and what a great time they both had at the “Lords” home!

I will chase Maggie for an up to date photo of Dennis, but the moment  I do have a lovely one of his sister Cassie, who is just as beautiful and a lovely little person!

If any of you know of a great home out there Dennis’ Mum Gracie gave birth to 6 more babies last week, the Daddy is my Pie so they are set to be very lovely little people too, who need homes as special as they are! They are very loving little dogs with great temperaments and a little poodle in Mum Gracie gives them this shaggy look, though some do end up looking like Dad!

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