Recall training morning at Barbary Cottage!

April 28, 2010

Sarah giving great body language for the recall

Sharon looking great on heelwork!

Sarah looking very pleased with Charlie!

We start by getting the short recall right!

more short recall for Charlie

Jane and Freddy can do the short recall too!

A lovely shot of great lead work!

We all need a tea break, well we had worked hard!

We had a great morning, and the sun shone for us too! The dogs responded well to the strutured training, by the time we felt brave enough to leave the safety of the fenced garden and go into the paddock,  the dogs were responding well. Anne and Sharon had been to the training session a month before so were able to advance more, I was thrilled to see the improvement in their dogs and in their handling!

Recall on the long line out in the fields

The long line is our safety net!


2 Responses to “Recall training morning at Barbary Cottage!”

  1. anne Says:

    Sharon and I have shared three classes now with Avril, with our dogs Sophie and Coco (we never met before). Coco is an overexcited working cocker spaniel with poor recall and Sophie is a beautiful and shy English Pointer. Different dogs, same issues, one of which was poor recall. The first week it took a good 10 minutes to persuade Sophie to ‘come’, she crept inch by inch toward Sharon and needed much encouragement. Coco just wanted to say hello to everyone and bound about. By week three Sophie was galloping around the paddock and lolloping back when called and Coco resisted a field full of loose dogs – what temptation – to race back to me. We are all ‘works in progress’ and that includes the owners!, there are still disappointments and failures – but don’t give up, you won’t believe the progress you can make with your dog.

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