What I don’t like about having a puppy!

August 26, 2010

Betty in her favourite chew chair! See the whiskers?

Betty is 4 months old now, I don’t remember how many weeks she is any more so time to promote her to months old rather than weeks 🙂

I do love having a puppy in the house, there is one thing I don’t love about having a puppy, it is the mess they make! I am not a lover of house work, but I do like the house to be clean and tidy, a bit of a conflict for me :)! Betty is now at the age and height when she can reach the table, which means that when I leave things out she gets them off and chews them up, mostly magazines and paper, not a big problem, but when I have just cleaned up and 5 minutes later I have to clear it all up again:(, plus she brings in twigs and plants and scatters them on the floor! It drives me nuts!! I foolishly left my paper diary on the table (my back up to my electronic diary) and she ate most of August and September! I know I will learn to put my stuff out of reach!

What irritates you most about puppies?

Other than this issue I do love her, she is so funny, her sense of humour is infectious! She seems to be permanently laughing at me or life or both! I only have to look at her little hairy face and she makes me smile! If I look at her for more than a few seconds she starts trying out her tricks in case I want more, throwing herself to the ground or bringing me a toy or flying to my side to show off her new going to heel trick, how sweet is that? !

With the change in the weather the back door is shut more often and I have been good in checking if she needs the toilet, she has been brilliant and apart from one occasion when she bopped to wee in front of me and immediately realised I was not smiling any more, she ran outside to finish, she is a good girl really!


4 Responses to “What I don’t like about having a puppy!”

  1. annie Says:

    Bless!! Love the wiskers, of course she’s a good girl it’s in the breeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the educated upbringing !!and of course the TRAINING

  2. Avril Munson Says:

    Well she is a credit to you Annie 🙂 you are good at this puppy breeding lark!!

  3. Phil Says:

    LOL Avril sounds very familar. As you know Scruffs is around the same age and exactly the same problem with getting thing off the table and chewing them up and making a mess more generally. Count yourself lucky with just a few twigs on the kitchen floor. We had dead bird parts the other week. Also he has now discovered the compost heap and as soon as we take our eyes off him he slowly and quietly wanders off in that direction. Rummpaging around in rotting vegetables and grass is not great. The only plus side is that if we spot him half way it is wonderful for his recall training at a distance. He has figured out that a small piece of nice sausage from us is much better than a rotting tomato!

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