Puppies at five weeks!

October 5, 2012

Puppies at five weeks!

Are they even more gorgeous? They are 6 weeks old today, and every day sees them going further afield, yesterday was their first time going to the toilet outside. It takes a few outings for a litter to feel safe enough to toilet away from the nest, clever Mother Nature protects the young by inhibiting toileting on new ground before the ground is familiar to them. This is the reason, when dog owners first take puppies home, they won’t go to the toilet on walks to begin with, this behaviour is designed to keep the young safe from predators. But it is just the reason I want to get the puppies outside as soon as possible to get them used to going outdoors and speed up their house training.

Next Monday  I will start their training, sits downs and little recalls, regular grooming and a  car ride, the more normal this stuff becomes the easier they will be in their new homes! Not all sold yet!

Thank you to Jo at Jobo design for the great photo’s!


Betty in her favourite chew chair! See the whiskers?

Betty is 4 months old now, I don’t remember how many weeks she is any more so time to promote her to months old rather than weeks 🙂

I do love having a puppy in the house, there is one thing I don’t love about having a puppy, it is the mess they make! I am not a lover of house work, but I do like the house to be clean and tidy, a bit of a conflict for me :)! Betty is now at the age and height when she can reach the table, which means that when I leave things out she gets them off and chews them up, mostly magazines and paper, not a big problem, but when I have just cleaned up and 5 minutes later I have to clear it all up again:(, plus she brings in twigs and plants and scatters them on the floor! It drives me nuts!! I foolishly left my paper diary on the table (my back up to my electronic diary) and she ate most of August and September! I know I will learn to put my stuff out of reach!

What irritates you most about puppies?

Other than this issue I do love her, she is so funny, her sense of humour is infectious! She seems to be permanently laughing at me or life or both! I only have to look at her little hairy face and she makes me smile! If I look at her for more than a few seconds she starts trying out her tricks in case I want more, throwing herself to the ground or bringing me a toy or flying to my side to show off her new going to heel trick, how sweet is that? !

With the change in the weather the back door is shut more often and I have been good in checking if she needs the toilet, she has been brilliant and apart from one occasion when she bopped to wee in front of me and immediately realised I was not smiling any more, she ran outside to finish, she is a good girl really!

Toilet training any dog!

October 27, 2009

Toilet training

Dogs do want to be clean!

Toilet training a young puppy takes time and effort from the owner, and is not an easy task, especially when you are new to dogs and have a busy household to run. However investing this time in your young dog will pay off and a good concentrated effort over 2 weeks will get you both through the worst.

  • Take the dog outside every 2 hours (this is the minimum, for really small puppies i.e. 8-12 weeks more frequently)
  • Stay outside with the puppy until he/she goes to the toilet
  • Praise him as he goes to the toilet, e.g. “Good dog, good dog” in a quiet calm voice
  • Use a key word to encourage the puppy to go, such as ‘busy, busy’ or ‘be clean’, your puppy will learn what is expected and learn to go on command.
  • Do not put newspaper down indoors – if you do the puppy will learn that you want he/she to go to the toilet indoors
  • If you come home or enter a room, to a mess, do not scold your dog.

You could tell the dog off, if you catch him in the act of going to the toilet indoors, but you must take him outside immediately, and stay with him until he goes. This way you can balance out the scolding, by praising the dog for getting it right.


  • All dogs want to be clean
  • Your dog does not go to the toilet just to upset you or to get you back! Even if it feels like that!
  • Dog’s do forget and will get it wrong sometimes
  • You will succeed!


Should your dog start toileting indoors only when left alone, it is not a house training problem, it is likely to be the onset of separation anxiety and you will need more help to solve this issue, but you can! Contact Avril for more help!

Occasionally a medical problem can be the cause, always consult your Vet.