Puppies gone to new homes!

November 13, 2012

I am puppyless! Not sure if that is a real word, but they are done and gone, flown the nest and I miss them more than Betty does for sure! But then I was doing the looking after in the latter weeks!

I started writing this yesterday and started to get upset as I was missing little Riley so much (the chocolate

Riley the last puppy to leave hom

boy who went last). I do wonder why I thought breeding again was such a good idea! Sure they were lovely puppies, and the world is a better place for them being in it, and I did love having them, but it is hard work and I do get attached to them.

The thing that got me upset yesterday was contemplating what was the one thing I would want their new families to know, I struggled to get it down to one thing, and that got me upset for some reason. But having had time to sleep on the question I came to a decision, not sure if this will be understandable or not….. it is that it is not really possible to teach a dog a negative, for example if you don’t want the puppy to eat stones or other rubbish, saying no and taking it off them will make the pup want the thing more, this is partly because in the wild the young learn what is desirable by what other adult animals want, but also because in saying no and touching the puppy the behaviour is reinforced. Puppies do not understand “no”, they may get that the person isn’t happy but it is still attention to them, and sadly the puppy will keep repeating the behaviour and the human will get crosser. And that makes me sad for all puppies, not just mine.

A more positive and successful response would be to call the puppy or ask for a sit or  down and reward the puppy with food, cuddles, laughter etc.

So my dear puppy owners please remember this one thing and I know you and your puppy will be happy together!


Puppies at five weeks!

October 5, 2012

Puppies at five weeks!

Are they even more gorgeous? They are 6 weeks old today, and every day sees them going further afield, yesterday was their first time going to the toilet outside. It takes a few outings for a litter to feel safe enough to toilet away from the nest, clever Mother Nature protects the young by inhibiting toileting on new ground before the ground is familiar to them. This is the reason, when dog owners first take puppies home, they won’t go to the toilet on walks to begin with, this behaviour is designed to keep the young safe from predators. But it is just the reason I want to get the puppies outside as soon as possible to get them used to going outdoors and speed up their house training.

Next Monday  I will start their training, sits downs and little recalls, regular grooming and a  car ride, the more normal this stuff becomes the easier they will be in their new homes! Not all sold yet!

Thank you to Jo at Jobo design for the great photo’s!

Puppies 3 weeks old today!

September 14, 2012


Betty looking glamorous pre puppies!

What a difference a week makes in a litter of puppies! They are now coming out of the box, all eyes are wide open, as are their ears, they respond to sounds now! yesterday was their first time with solid food, I had to shut Betty away from them for two hours to make sure they were a bit hungry, they are so fat I think I should have gone for 4 hours! I gave them some high quality tinned puppy food and they all tucked in a bit, some more than others! It isn’t a pretty sight, lying in the  food seems  as good as eating it, licking it off another puppy is as good as eating from the bowl!

This morning they were so  charming, I went into them and said “hello” and I they greeted me with beeping noises, wagging tails and a scramble toward me, I was soon down on my hands and knees putting my face to them for morning kisses! So gorgeous!

Puppies aged 3 weeks!

Betty and puppy’s

September 10, 2012

Puppies aged 2 weeks

How cute are they now? Amazing the difference 2 weeks makes, as the day progressed the puppies eyes gradually opened and they could definitely start to hear! By next week I won’t be able to keep them in the whelping box they will be escaping!

Betty loves them and is making sure they are the fattest of puppies.

I start to advertise them this week so if you know of anyone who deserves a really well reared puppy? …..

Betty and Babies!

August 30, 2012

See Betty’s babies the day they were born here:
Many thanks to Jo at Jobo design for filming! The clip is from day one, nearly one week on and the babies are all as fat as butter and Betty still loves her new job!
And again thanks to Jo for the new brochure design, see it here:
What Betty is teaching me:
Dogs never forget to treat other dogs as just that a dog!
Betty won’t take any chances with her babies! Pie would like to have a little nose at the new babies, at least that is how I see his behaviour. Betty instinctively knows that looking is how trouble could start. Pie has never hurt another animal in his life, but does Betty know that or care? Most likely not, and in any case the pups are so small it would only take one snap to do fatal damage. So Betty doesn’t want to know what Pie thinks of her babies, he is not allowed near them, that way we are all confidant the pups are safe! Good for you Betty for reminding me we are not in a Disney film!

I am pleased to report that Betty is definitely pregnant and due next week! How exciting, some babies to play with!

I took advantage of the great weather last weekend to bath all my animals, they had been a little neglected while I was poorly, so there was a lot of work to do on Betty’s coat to prepare her for Motherhood! She now has very short skirts around her back legs! All that bathing reminded me to give you a tip on how not to take a shower when your dog is wet, if you hold the dogs head or nose, they will not shake! Try it next time and let me know what you think? 🙂 We have some more hot weather on the way this week, do remember that dogs do not lose body heat very quickly, they only sweat through their tongue and  some small glands near their pads, a cold shower in the garden is an excellent way to reduce body heat!

Here are some great photo’s of dogs shaking off water:


Lucy Wheaten Terrier, very tired after a hard mornings training!

Pie and Mel’s babies!

March 26, 2011

Here is a photo of Pie and Mel’s babies, I think they look like Pie already, fat and gorgeous :)!

Smita sent me a lovely photo of Harley, a GSD puppy some of you will have met on a Thursday morning! Harley is growing so fast, he is going to be a really big lad and is already a great example of GSD with an amazing temperament, a real credit to Smita and the breeder!

Thanks to Graham for another brilliant photo of JJ and you! JJ is another ambassador for his breed, he is such a big softy!

I have got behind with the blog again this week, I had a small eye operation that went really well but I had booked some time off work and Annie came over to drive me back and forth! Amazingly well-timed time off with the weather we have had this week, Annie and I had a lovely time sitting in the garden soaking up the sunshine!

The worst thing that has happened is I broke my phone and being off work I hadn’t done a back up of my diary!!! For anyone that has an appointment booked could you ring me please to confirm, in case I have forgotten your appointment?

Pie and Mel's babies!

Harley is growing up! (Thursday morning class)

JJ and Graham!

Betty with some of her sisters!

Betty being important

Up until today I had only taken Betty on several short car journey’s, I hadn’t planned it that way, it was how my life was last week, she was fine in the car but a bit squeaky. It might have been easy to think she didn’t like the car because of the squeaking, but I suspected that she was already finding the trips exciting! Yesterday I had to go to Colchester and I decided to drop in to see Annie and the remaining puppy’s with Betty. The journey is about forty minutes and Betty squeaked a bit for the first ten minutes in her crate, then slept!  No more squeaking coming home either, I will ensure we do more longer trips over the coming weeks to make sure she learns to settle in the car.

It is only because I know her temperament and my experience of dogs, that I knew it was the life experience she was having that was producing the wrong behaviour in the car, how easy it is to go wrong with puppy’s, but once spotted can be put right easily too!

Betty was very excited to be back at her first home, she was full of herself with the other puppy’s, I could almost hear her telling them what a girl of the world she is now. she strutted round them full of self-importance! Her Mum Gracie was so pleased to see her, Gracie is a lovely Mum and even loves to play with her babies, many bitches are fed up with their pups by this time.

Betty was a little more demure in the garden with the bigger dogs though!

Bronte is Annie’s puppy from Buffy, (see “a story of a whelping” blog) and two weeks younger than Betty, I am sure Bronte and Betty will be great friends as they grow up! Annie’s dogs are like extended pack to mine and vice versa as we are great friends, meet regularly and have each others dogs to stay.

Annie's puppy the long awaited Bronte!

My dear friend Annie has a delightful Border Collie called Buffy, she is a half-sister to my Pie, by a Grandson of my Teddy. Buffy combines both mine and Annie’s breed lines and Annie kept her especially to breed from and keep the line going!

Buffy with friend Molly and Annie's grand daughter Emma

It seemed that Buffy had other ideas! She is now nearly six years old and has only had 3 seasons! A very unusual lack of seasons, considering many bitches have a season every six months! Annie had too many commitments to mate Buffy at her first season, which didn’t happen until after her second birthday, and hoped that now she had started having seasons that the next one wouldn’t be too long coming. Alas it was another two years before the next season, when Buffy was mated but with no outcome! At nearly six years old, Annie was concerned about mating Buffy again, but assured by her vet that Buffy was very fit and in great health, she went ahead and mated her to Solo, my Teddy’s grandson, who has a very similar temperament to Teddy, bursting with joy for life!

At three weeks the Vet examined her to see if she was in whelp, but despite a lot of searching could find no evidence of pregnancy! At five weeks, Buffy was acting like her throat had been cut, eating Annie out of house and home and behaving oddly, so Annie talked to her Vet and they decided to scan Buffy, and indeed he found at least three puppies on the scan! Game back on!

On Friday the 7th May, the due date, nothing happened, no sign of the expected labour, on the saturday she was looking a little restless but other than that on top form, Annie waited! Sunday still very little sign of labour, Buffy eating well and full of energy. Annie getting concerned spoke to her Vet who said lets wait a bit longer. Poor Annie her tummy was getting upset with anxiety. Buffy is a special dog to Annie and now she was wishing she hadn’t mated her at all, concerned for her safety she kept watching and waiting for any sign of difficulty. Monday and Buffy was now looking a bit restless, wanting to dig from time to time and being restless for short periods, in between she would settle down to sleep and looked totally at ease! I went to dog sit while Annie went off to take her Monday night class, I did little but drink tea and observe her, and she was much the same as she was all day. Annie was on full alert by now and slept little that night, watching Buffy for any signs of distress or the hoped for puppies!

Tuesday and still nothing, it is not unusual for a bitch to be two days late, but this was getting worrying now! Annie spoke to her Vet that morning and he said if nothing had happened by tea time to bring her to see him. I went over to go with Annie, I arrived around four pm to see give a quiet push, for the first time! It was the first sign, we took her to the Vet at five pm so that he could see how she was doing. Annie’s Vet Marcus, is a good friend and Annie has the utmost confidence in his care of her dogs (vital at a time like this in your dog’s life). Marcus gave Buffy a good examination and after some discussion it was agreed to see if Buffy could finish her labour unassisted, but Marcus assured Annie he would be at the end of the phone all night, should she need him! Marcus predicted a puppy in the early hours of Wednesday morning!

We went home to wait some more! And wait we did! Buffy had clear ideas about how we waited and made it quite clear that she wanted regular back massages, and if one of us stopped she squeaked at us until one of us started again! At 12.30am Buffy became more intense in her activities of digging and pushing, we even caught a glimpse of a puppy! Eventually at one am a one pound tri colour baby boy was born, followed fairly rapidly by another just twenty minutes later! Buffy was so calm about the whole procedure and l Our relief and pleasure was only dampened by our tiredness, though I can hardly complain, Annie had already missed one nights sleep!

Buffy obviously had more to come, and having cleaned her two babies thoroughly she started to feed them, she had copious milk and the babies had to little more than put their mouths to her teat and milk almost fell into them! We could see them growing already! She lost all interest in her back rubs now that she had some babies, and was immediately in love with them. I have never seen a bitch so careful of her new babies, any movements she made in the box she made slowly and gently to avoid hurting them, yet her cleaning of them was robust, and she bossily pushed them back to feed when her cleaning was done.

More waiting, I have to admit that at around three am I fell asleep on the floor and Annie delivered the next boy on her own  at around four am! Still no girl for Annie to keep and continue the breed line, though it did look like there was another yet to come!At this point I clearly remember saying that the only way Buffy could redeem herself now, was to produce a brown and white girl for Annie!

At six am Annie’s husband Mick surfaced to see what the outcome was, we were both slightly hysterical by this time, brought on by lack of sleep and the relaxation of the loss of tension and anxiety, and were full of giggles at the amount of time it had taken to produce just three puppies! Yet with the possibility of another puppy to come, we were not out of the woods yet, there was still the possibility of a caesarean to deliver any remaining puppy! At seven am I didn’t want to go home in case there was still an emergency, so instead retreated to Annie’s living room to get a couple of hours sleep in comfort! At my request Annie woke me with a cup of tea at nine am and said to come look 🙂 and there she was, a brown and white girl for Annie to keep! Her name is Sydney and Mum and babies are thriving!

Buffy in the bluebell wood!