Puppies gone to new homes!

November 13, 2012

I am puppyless! Not sure if that is a real word, but they are done and gone, flown the nest and I miss them more than Betty does for sure! But then I was doing the looking after in the latter weeks!

I started writing this yesterday and started to get upset as I was missing little Riley so much (the chocolate

Riley the last puppy to leave hom

boy who went last). I do wonder why I thought breeding again was such a good idea! Sure they were lovely puppies, and the world is a better place for them being in it, and I did love having them, but it is hard work and I do get attached to them.

The thing that got me upset yesterday was contemplating what was the one thing I would want their new families to know, I struggled to get it down to one thing, and that got me upset for some reason. But having had time to sleep on the question I came to a decision, not sure if this will be understandable or not….. it is that it is not really possible to teach a dog a negative, for example if you don’t want the puppy to eat stones or other rubbish, saying no and taking it off them will make the pup want the thing more, this is partly because in the wild the young learn what is desirable by what other adult animals want, but also because in saying no and touching the puppy the behaviour is reinforced. Puppies do not understand “no”, they may get that the person isn’t happy but it is still attention to them, and sadly the puppy will keep repeating the behaviour and the human will get crosser. And that makes me sad for all puppies, not just mine.

A more positive and successful response would be to call the puppy or ask for a sit or  down and reward the puppy with food, cuddles, laughter etc.

So my dear puppy owners please remember this one thing and I know you and your puppy will be happy together!


6 Responses to “Puppies gone to new homes!”

  1. jorichardson Says:

    Hi Avril

    As one of the new puppy owners I totally get where you are coming from. You can rest assured that little bonnie is getting lots of positive training and I try very hard not to use the word ‘no’. We learnt that mistake last year with bailey and you’re dead right it doesn’t work!!!! Instead I call her away to play with her toys or get her to do some sits etc for a bit of food. This way she isn’t constantly being told off for chewing baileys lil ears and biting his bum!!! I think he’s grateful too!

    You did a great job of rearing those puppies and I’m sure they all miss you too. Bonnie goes mental when she sees you as you well know…. Never forgotten xx

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Avril
    As the new owner of Riley. Rest assured I will try and enable him to grow up in an environment in which he can be sure of the right way to behave without the fear should he occassionally get it wrong.He is getting lots of rewards, kisses and cuddles.He is adorable. I know I will be very proud of him in the future and he will be my loyal friend for many years to come.
    Thank you so much for all the work with him in his early days he is a contented happy and well balanced puppy willing to please in every way.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Avril,

    We are enjoying Betsy Boo Boo in the last few weeks we have had her and I continue to give positive reinforcement whenever I have the opportunity to. I have also encouraged the rest of the family to do the same on a regular basis so that we are all barking from the same woof sheet. I am having problems explaining that to Wilber however, who doesn’t seem to understand what could possibly be positive about having his testicles bitten with razor sharp teeth…..any ideas??

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