Appeal for help please? Lost Golden Retriever!

October 26, 2010

I received this appeal for help this morning!:

“Just incase someone you know or you may think of someone else they could notify, a friend of mine’s  Golden retriever Bitch (Roxanne, or Roxy) went missing on her walk last Friday, the person lives on the Old London Road, which runs alongside the A12 with A120 and the Liverpool Street railway line also in the vicinity, she went through the hedge with the others on their normal morning walk the others came back but Roxy didn’t, the fields are at the back of the house so not actually on the A12, , she has notified all vets dog wardens, dog lost, BBC Suffolk  apparently  BBC Essex no longer put out appeals etc, they are searching all day and most the night too, the bitch is nervous of people, she is chipped but not tattooed, and Not Wearing a Collar mores the pity!

Jacquie Smallcombe”


Sadly I heard back from Jacquie and Roxy was found dead on the railway line by a man working there 😦 the only consolation is that her owner’s do know where she is now.

One Response to “Appeal for help please? Lost Golden Retriever!”

  1. Sue Says:

    That is really sad and something I also have to think about when walking the fields near me as I am also near the A12 and main railway line.

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