Listen to Avril on BBC Essex

June 25, 2012

My blog has been sadly neglected for a few weeks, but I intend to do better now I am a little more settled after my move!

It was great to see Steve Scruton last week and we had some really interesting phone calls, I really had to think hard as some the questions were more unusual! If you missed the show you have until this Wednesday to catch the show from the link below:

Betty came in season almost as soon as I moved house, and you know the saying “new home, new baby”? Well I did find time to take Betty to visit a very handsome young miniature Poodle called Casper! It was love, well lust at first sight! I wait to see if we are having new family towards the end of August!


8 Responses to “Listen to Avril on BBC Essex”

  1. annie Says:

    Hi all its Annie Avrils friend, Avrils move did go well and as some of you no its a lovely Home, sadly Avril was taken poorly last thursday and has now been admitted to Harlow hospital so i no she will be very sorry if she has not let you no about Training etc , Sure she will be in touch as soon as she is feeling better,and im sure we all wish her well and send her our love xxx

  2. Marion B Says:

    Did hear last night that Avril had been taken into hospital but thank you for giving us more info. Annie. When you speak to her next please give her my love and best wishes and tell her get well soon.xx

    • annie Says:

      Will do seeing her tomorrow will speak to her sister later when she been in, having CT scan may no more then as they dont seem to no whats wrong so sad xx

  3. Marion B Says:

    Thank you Annie. I’m in touch with Nicola and i know you are too so she’ll keep us all updated, that’ll be more private than talking on here. Our thoughts are with you

  4. annie Says:

    Latest news on Avril she has been moved to Romford Hospital for more tests. Annie x

    • Marion B Says:

      That’s a bit of a hike for you all to visit, i assume that’s Queens. Wish they’d hurry up and find out whats wrong.x

  5. chesterincharge Says:

    Oh dear, hope Avril is all right. Would someone please tell her that Chester sends his vest wishes.
    From Bernadette and Alex

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