Avril here!!

July 21, 2012

They say life is what happens while you make plans, the last couple of weeks were certainly not on my agenda! A tooth abscess followed by what seemed to be a sickness bug seem to be laying me very low, the hospital kept sending me home, my GP had no idea and my family were beside themselves with worry, finally my brother persuaded the hospital to do a CT scan and they found 2 brain haematoma’s and within 48 hours I was having emergency brain surgery! I had little idea in the last few days what was happening, but I came tojust before the surgery in time to be told what they were doing and I could die! I can’t say I was too upset about that at the time, I had had enough pain to want out.

I am so lucky that I have come through the surgery completely restored, I cannot tell you how rapidly I am recovering, it is like a miracle! I am sure because of all the love and support I have had and am receiving from my amazing family, gorgeous friends and my very special clients!

I will be back in the office part-time from Monday 30th June, and I will make a call then on when the current courses and training will resume. Thank you to everyone for your patience at this extreme time for me! I will keep you posted.


14 Responses to “Avril here!!”

  1. Marion B Says:

    Well thank goodness your back it’s nice to hear from you at last!!!!!! So pleased you’re making a rapid and complete recovery, can you please take it easy now and try very hard not to frighten us all again. Much love xxxxx

  2. Chris n George Says:

    Blimey! Glad the surgery went well and you’re on the road to recovery. If there’s anything you need just shout out. All the best,

    Chris and George. xx

  3. Teresa Cowan Says:

    Welcome back Avril, so pleased to know you are on the mend, you take care and put your feet up for a few more days at least !!
    You say you will be back in the office Monday 30th June,please may I politely point out you must have been meaning 30th July
    Kindest regards
    Teresa,Connie and Mitch xx woof woof

  4. Jenni Miller Says:

    Avril, So sorry to hear your news and what you have been through and happy to hear you have made it through ok. Sending hugs and kisses from us here in Australia. Take care of yourself beautiful lady. Wanted you to know we are thinking of you, lots of love Jenni and Rene Miller XOXO

    • Avril Munson Says:

      Hi Jenni thank you so much, so good to hear from you! Matthew came over as you might guess and stayed with his lovely wife to be to nurse me back to health, so I was well spoilt! Not I will see him next in New York for their wedding so it will be a while before I get to OZ again, but do hope we can catch up when I do, some more sitting on the shore line enjoying the sunset and a beer with you would be something to look forward to!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Avril, So good to hear from you. So exciting about your son and fantastic he could help you. I have had my mum seriously ill but she has pulled through ok . I have a new email : jenni-miller@bigpond.com Your puppies are gorgeous. We have a new baby in our life after losing my other two. Another golden retriever, her name is Lily and we are besotted with her. She is now 8 1/2 months. She has brought such joy to our lives as we never thought we could be so lucky to have another as wonderful as our last. We were wrong and we adore her. I am looking forward to you coming out and having that beer watching the sunset. Lots of love and take care of yourself Jenni Miller xxxx

  5. annie Says:

    Sooo pleased to see you the other day looking soooo much better, got my bestest friend back, I no you being spoilt now !! and rightly so, lots of rest, and i no you will soon be back to your old self, take care lots love xxxx

  6. Jane McCabe Says:

    Avril, that is shocking news. So pleased to hear you are making a speedy recovery. I wish you all the best and lots of love. Get well soon x

  7. We
    wish you well Avril, what a difficult time for you and your family. We have another ‘Dog’ lady friend with the same problem who was taken in last week but is still to poorly for the operation. You have filled us with hope with your story. Stay well and look after yourself.

  8. Dianne Sutton Says:

    Oh, how awful for you
    , good job you are a tough cookie, get well soon xxx

  9. Anonymous Says:

    so glad your back with us mad doggie people 🙂 you had us all worried there for a minute take care and will see you sonn love ingrid, solo and obi xxx

  10. Anonymous Says:

    best wishes to you avril for a swift recovery,
    look forward to seeing you soon,take care
    mandi,abe,maggie x

  11. Sue Harris Says:

    So glad are feeling better Avril. Nessa say’s woof 🙂 xxxx

  12. Jill Goddard Says:

    Hi Avril,
    Wow, that’s some high pain threshold you had going on at the time!
    When we turned up for our puppy class, your sister told us that you had been rushed into hospital, she was so upset, the worry was ectched on her face. So, I’m sure it’s a huge relief to your family to have you bouncing back quickly.

    Best wishes,
    Jill and Lucy(who is huge now)

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